Why do I need a standby rescue company?

Because a permit-required confined space has materials or conditions immediately dangerous to the health and safety of workers, anytime a facility has an employee enter a confined space, they are required by OSHA to have a certified confined space standby team.

There are 14 pieces of information required for a CS Entry Permit, one of them being rescue and emergency confined space services that can be called upon in an emergency. Permits may also require Environmental & Chemical Testing or written emergency guidelines and procedures that we can help you establish through our Safety Consulting services. Additionally, our Safety Training offers a confined space rescue course.


Why should I choose O’Brien’s for my standby services?

Our standby rescue team conducts rescue and standby operations utilizing State and Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) emergency procedures for confined space rescue. Our team members include certified EMT’s, active firefighters and industrial rescue professionals certified in Hazmat Response, Rope Access, and Confined Space Rescue Operations. Simply put, we are the best confined space rescue for hire in the Midwest.