Why is O’Brien’s the best in an emergency?

When you trust O’Brien’s with your confined space rescue needs, you are getting the competency and experience that come from staffing only subject matter experts in CSR. We have a safety record with zero injuries and a commitment to keep your workers safe above all else. We are capable, available, and prepared with the latest equipment and training.


What is involved in a non-entry rescue?

If an accident within a confined space occurs, the optimal rescue is done with a non-entry retrieval system. It is, in fact, required unless the equipment would endanger the worker more or be of little use to rescue efforts. This might occur if there are obstructions or projections that would tangle rescue lines. OSHA says that “whenever a non-entry rescue is selected, the entry employer must ensure that retrieval systems or methods are used whenever an authorized entrant enters a permit space, and must confirm, prior to entry, that emergency assistance would be available in the event that non-entry rescue fails.”


What is involved in an entry rescue?

An entry rescue will require multiple, highly-trained rescuers working together to safely bring your worker out. Emergency responders often have to deal with atmospheric concerns which are the number one cause of confined space deaths. In addition, emergency confined space rescuers are responsible for preventing untrained workers from attempting a rescue. Confined space rescues are complex and should only be performed by trained and experienced professionals as a last resort.