We are the leaders in permit required confined space entry rescue and have the safety record to prove it. If you need emergency or standby services for a Permit Required Confined Space rescue, call O’Brien’s Safety Services today.

Many industries require a confined space rescue service or confined space rescue standby service. In a typical workplace, one out of every 1400 accidents reported results in a death or serious injury. In confined spaces, this ratio jumps to one in 10! Our goal is to ensure the safety of all participants during permit required confined space entry and rescue operations.


What is a confined space?

The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines a confined space as having the following three characteristics:
1) it is large enough for an employee to gain entry and perform work;
2) the entry/exit locations have limited or restricted access; and
3) it is not designed for workers to regularly enter.
Many areas that workers encounter on a daily basis qualify under these guidelines as non-permit required confined spaces.

Our confined space rescue training and service centers around permit-required confined spaces (PRCS) which will contain all of the above, plus one or more of the following:
– A substance that has the ability to engulf or asphyxiate the entrant
– A potentially hazardous atmosphere
– Inwardly converging walls within the space
– A floor that slopes downward, tapering to a small cross-section


What is involved in a rescue?

A permit required confined space rescue requires both advanced training and proper equipment. For every fatality in a confined space, there are almost two deaths of would-be rescuers, many of them professionally trained. This is why confined space rescue training requirements are so strict. The three main types of rescues are non-entry, entry, and self-rescue. Non-entry and entry rescues are always performed by professional Confined Space Rescue companies.

A self-rescue on the other hand, would occur when your employees or supervisors recognize an immediate danger and leave the confined space or instruct others to do so before an accident occurs. This is the preferred rescue method as confined space hazards can quickly incapacitate or kill a worker and an individual can almost always exit in far less time than it takes for a rescue. Our Safety Consulting and Safety Training services can assist you in creating these vital protection procedures. We are a trusted permit required confined space entry training company and follow all OSHA confined space rescue requirements.


Who is qualified to perform Confined Space Rescue?

OSHA requires that persons qualified for permit required confined space rescue operations complete rescue training and exercises annually or more frequently with a certified confined space training company. We have never been satisfied with average which is why our employees receive training above and beyond the suggested minimum. Our team members include certified EMT’s, active firefighters, and industrial rescue professionals certified in Hazmat Response, Rope Access, and Permit Required Confined Space Rescue Operations.


Why should I choose O’Brien’s for confined space rescue in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia?

Since 2003, O’Brien’s has been your trusted source for Permit Required Confined Space Rescue services and standby services. We have a perfect safety record and the quickest local response times. Our emergency response team members are subject matter experts in confined space rescue requirements, procedures, and equipment. Call us today at 740.336.8407 to experience the O’Brien’s difference.