Why do I need an air monitoring company or H2S monitoring company?

H2S is one of the most dangerous gases found in the oil & gas industry. Even today,
there are regular occurrences of injuries and deaths due to H2S exposure. That is why it is so important to have proper training on how to detect it, how to protect yourself, and what to do in case of a high concentration exposure.

Hydrogen sulfide, or sour gas, is a toxic gas often associated with working in the oil and gas sector that can quickly poison and injure workers. OSHA requires that confined work spaces be tested for H2S regularly to determine if it is present and at what levels. Specialized equipment and techniques for air quality monitoring are needed to meet OSHA mandates. We are a professional air quality monitoring company with the skills and equipment needed to keep your workers safe. After detection, we take every effort to remove the gas or limit the concentration to increase safety for your workers.


What air monitoring equipment is needed for a confined space rescue?

One of the initial pieces of equipment employed by a hydrogen sulfide monitoring company in a confined space rescue is a method of ventilation to disperse collected hazardous gases and introduce fresh air into the environment. O’Brien’s Confined Space Rescue Services uses only the finest atmospheric air tests, rope access, SCBA-SAR, and emergency respiratory protection and ventilation. We are a Rae System monitoring company and we also sell top quality safety equipment below manufacturers’ prices to enhance your company’s safety program.