If you are a contractor or sub-contractor using ISN, Avetta, Browz, or PEC, you need O’Brien’s Safety Services to keep you compliant. These systems can be complicated and learning multiple platforms takes time and energy you could be investing in your business. At the same time, incorrectly filing with these systems or not participating with them at all can cost you contracts. O’Brien’s takes the guesswork out of these programs by offering contractor safety compliance management for your company.

Why do you need these programs? Because large companies need properly vetted contractors and sub-contractors for projects. Thus, there is a large burden for information placed on you, the business owner. Examples of areas these companies pre-qualify you on include:

  • Collection and review of various EHS (Environmental, health and safety) documents and information such as written programs, work hours, incidents and injuries.
  • Collection and review of insurance and other procurement-related documents such as supplier certificates and Workers’ Compensation.
  • Tracking and completion of employee-level training, competencies and qualifications required to perform specified jobs.
  • Tracking and completion of audits and evaluation reports based on Hiring Client requirements.
  • Reporting tools and data analysis available for Hiring Clients and contractors and suppliers to benchmark your performance against peers.

Giving incomplete or inaccurate information could lead to rejections and prevent you from working until a new program is submitted to and approved on one of these services. Insurance agents and other key members of your business are often equally confused with these systems. If you fall too far in the rankings on these sites, your contracts could start disappearing.

The only way to raise your standing on these sites and to get the jobs you desire is to work with someone experienced in these programs with a strong EHS background. O’Brien’s Safety Services offers compliance management on Avetta, Browz, ISN, and PEC. Whether you use one or all four, we can help keep you up to date with requirements so you can earn contracts and make more money.

If you don’t want to put your fist through the wall (a true story from one of our clients), then you need to hire O’Brien’s to manage your Avetta, Browz, ISN, or PEC data. Call us today to discuss your needs and see how O’Brien’s can help.