O’Brien’s Safety Services is proud to be a leader in health and safety for workers in all industries, including construction, manufacturing, chemical, and oil and gas. Every employee deserves to work in a safe and protected atmosphere, and it is the duty and moral responsibility of employers to ensure the health & safety of all employees.

We provide safety services, Safety Consulting, Safety Training, and Drug & Alcohol Testing, as well as assistance with OSHA and EPA Compliance. Safety audits and training are essential tools in any workplace, and we can customize these items to meet your individual company needs.

Safety Services

If you need safety staff coverage to support your operations, you’ve come to the right place. We offer on-site safety professionals to meet your safety needs. We can also supply comprehensive on-site atmospheric monitoring utilizing trained technicians and a remote wireless electronic system.


Safety is the #1 benchmark for businesses to stay in operation. Employers must remain vigilant when dealing with things like distractions and lack of attention in the workplace. Phones and other distractions can pose a danger when employees’ focus and concentration does not remain on their task and the safety of their work. Distractions and lack of attention often lead to injuries and incidents.


Along with distractions, many other factors can make workers unable to safely fulfill their duties. Employees may not be physical or mentally healthy enough to perform assigned tasks due to stress, busy schedules, long work hours, work pressures, job insecurity, conflicts with coworkers, family issues, and more. These stressors can affect focus and performance, also leading to issues and accidents.


Given the choice, companies choose to work with contractors who maintain superior safety ratings. In addition, companies benefit financially from a safe workplace by paying lower insurance premiums than other high-risk employers.


Companies must make sure employees understand the hazards of their workplace, how to identify and raise awareness of these hazards, and how to eliminate or control these hazards. Our safety training not only teaches these important skills, but also helps employees watch out for their co-workers who might be affected by distractions and stressors.


At O’Brien’s Safety Services, we aim to not only train workers on proper safety protocols and regulations but also to promote a culture of safety where workers are educated about the risks and willing to assume ownership of safety in the workplace.