O’Brien’s Safety Services now offers Simtable sales and service. Based in Santa Fe, NM, Simtable is a world leader in agent-based modeling, data visualization, and human/computer interaction. They are well known on the West Coast for their customizable, digital sand table used to fight wildfires, but their models can also be very useful to oil and gas, fire and rescue, emergency management, defense, urban safety and security, colleges and universities as well as arenas and concert venues for disaster simulation.

Combining existing GIS data with next-generation agent-based modeling and ambient computing, Simtable provides a straightforward, easy-to-use approach to incident response and training. Customized models of communities and populations provide a truly interactive experience in all-hazards simulations. These simulation models benefit emergency management teams in pre-incident planning and preparation and aid in communication with stakeholders and community members. Simtable allows for real-time situational awareness during unfolding incidents.


Oil and Gas

Simtable’s ability to integrate an organization’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) meaning the technology coordinates, updates and keeps your entire team in sync.


Arena & Amphitheater

Simtable’s can connect to mobile phones and tablets across disparate networks allowing data to be shared from any location and any time.