When it comes to safety, O’Brien’s provides a wide variety of services to cover your needs. From environmental testing to emergency confined space rescue our clients have diverse needs many of which overlap. It’s not uncommon for us to receive a phone call from a prospective client stating they have a very specific consulting need such as, “We need a fall protection plan.” That’s absolutely something we can do!


Next, our consultants will ask a few follow-up questions to be sure we understand your situation fully. This allows us to customize a plan to the specific job for the specific tasks and hazards. From here, we start a dialogue about everything environmental and health & safety—EHS for short. Inevitably, this conversation uncovers other needs for the company.


For instance, if we discover that the business needing a fall prevention plan does not have an existing one but has been issued a citation to have one, we know there are other gaps in their health and safety programs. First, we put together the fall protection program. Then, we can address other issues.


This is where our EHS audits become vital. Of course, this is not a required service, but we are always surprised when clients don’t want to know if their business is safety compliant. Whether we help with one or every component of your EHS program, we always maintain that should OSHA or another regulatory body conduct an audit of your workplace and find these non-compliances, it will cost you significantly more time and money to correct the issue than it would had we identified it in the first place.


During an EHS audit, we look for typical OSHA and environmental (EPA/DEP) violations as well as other safety risks and hazards.  We assemble our findings into a comprehensive summary report with photos of the hazards along with relevant regulatory citations as well as recommendations to correct the issue.  Often an environmental hazard is tied to a safety hazard, such as storing flammable materials incorrectly or dispensing fuel oils. Not only are incompatible materials stored together, which violates OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 but perhaps also EPA 40 CFR 264.175, DOT 49 CFR 173 and even fire codes such as NFPA 1 / UFC Section 80.402.


Confused by what these are? No worries. That’s exactly what O’Brien’s is here for. Only by having a wide breadth of regulatory understanding and expertise could we advise clients that they are in violation of not one but four federal regulations. This is the value of choosing O’Brien’s for your EHS needs. We don’t believe in the bare minimum. We believe in fostering an attitude and environment of safety and health for your company and workers, which means looking at every aspect of your EHS programs.


Call O’Brien’s today to get started. Whether we help you with a single project or provide ongoing consulting or safety program management, O’Brien’s has your every EHS need covered. Call us today!