O’Brien’s is committed to safety—wherever it’s needed. We may be an Ohio-based company, but we operate throughout the entire continental United States.

Gary O’Brien, our Owner and President, was transferred from a San Francisco Bay area plant to a Marietta facility while working for Chevron in the early 1990s. He and his family remained in Marietta because of their love for the area and the core values of the people here.

Marietta is also strategically located. It’s within one day’s driving distance to three-quarters of the continental United States. Additionally, Marietta is at the cross roads of several major intersections and is central to what is known as the Shale Crescent, meaning we can access all the natural gas drilling going on in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Obviously, being in Marietta, Ohio, we do most of our rescues, staffing, training, management, and testing within a 250-mile radius. This is the ideal range for our staff to drive for these services. That being said, we will travel wherever we are needed. From Salt Lake City to the East Coast, our team has completed jobs and contracts near and far. Whether you’re 250 miles away or 3000 miles away, our team is ready to serve your every safety need.

O’Brien’s uses our own employees for every job we perform, never outsourcing or sub-contracting. You will always have our best rescuers, trainers, inspectors, and more. We can also work with you remotely, setting up and managing your safety data and programs.

Travel and per diem are included in the pricing we give you for your service request. We look for the most cost-effective ways to meet your needs, whether that means trucking our equipment to you or finding it locally when we arrive. Our staff are efficient with your time, with the typical job lasting about a week.

O’Brien’s is a leader in safety and offers services from OSHA Mock Inspections to Environmental and Chemical Testing to On-Site Drug Testing and everything in between. Our Confined Space Rescue team can be dispatched immediately to respond to your emergency situation. No matter where you’re located or what health and safety service you need, O’Brien’s is here to help. Contact us today! 740.336.8407