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leadership training


Carri Coleman Tucker

Professional of Human Resources

Master Studies, Bio Mechanical Engineering, West Virginia University

BS, Biology, West Virginia University

Carri  has 10 years experience consulting experience in the environmental, health, & safety arena as well as personnel policy development, EEOC, harassment, workplace studies. 

Sr. Leadership Consultant

Dr. Terry Polen

Licensed Professional Engineer

PhD, Management & Organizational Processes, University  of MD

MBA, Marshall University

BS, Mechanical Engineering, West Virginia University

Terry has 15+ years experience consulting experience in the environmental and technical arena as well as leadership & personnel development. 

  Our Leadership &



    Solutions for Business Optimization
  • Decision Making/Problem Solving
  • Strategy (Vision, Mission, Goals)
  • Gap Analysis
  • Change Management & Development
  • Organizational Double Loop learning
  • Organizational and Process Optimization
  • Process re-engineering
  • Organizational restructuring 

    Organizational Behavior support
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Motivation
  • Process Reorganization
  • Communication
  • Staff Development
  • Ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Culture Issues   

   Qualitative Analytical Tools

  • SWOT
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • 5 Forces
  • 7 S’s
  • Diamond Strategy
  • Skunkworks
  • Nominal Group Technique
  • Avoidance of Groupthink/Groupshift
  • Learning organizations
  • Systems (non-linear) thinking            
  • - Causal loops           
  • - Stocks and Flows 

    Quantitative Analytical Tools
  • Multi-attribute/Multi-criteria Decision making
  • Forecasting
  • Non-linear and linear programing
  • Integer programming
  • Queuing
  • Simulation
  • Regression Analysis
  • Statistical Techniques
  • Delphi 

Personnel Development Summary


The challenges faced by bright, talented, and conscientious people are growing and they need new tools and strategies to flourish.  Using qualitative and quantitative (mathematical) techniques, matched with analysis or skill building, the company helps these organizations, and their great people, to thrive.

We use over 30 years of experience to provide a variety of best-in-class skills and capabilities including: leadership development, executive coaching, individual and group decision making/problem solving, ethics/responsibility training, facilitation/mediation, optimization, motivation/teambuilding, workshops, as well as comprehensive strategic planning, implementation, and analysis.